Karachi City- Pakistan (Thành phố Karachi-Pakistan)

Hi guys! Nice to see you again! Today, we’ll travel around a lovely city in Asia with its beautiful culture and colorful streets. And the city I want to talk about is Karachi – the biggest one in Pakistan. Let’s start…

First impression is this colorful minibus

This beautiful structure is the Mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

Wow. The feeling is so hard to describe when we go along these streets. Cool!!!

Two high buildings are Dolmen City Towers

The next is E-Tooba Mosque (called Masjid in Pakistani)

We cant back to home without any souvenirs.So, we have to visit Empress Market.


Hmm. Its time to say good bye to Karachi and Pakistan. I dont want to leave it. Now, we are in the Jinnah International Airport.Bye bye, Ill be back...


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