Tet 2012 – Nguyen Hue Flowery Street

We're enjoying Tet Holiday on Nguyen Hue Flowery Street


Behind us is the statue of Ho Chi Minh President


Vietnam always welcomes all of you. This western uncle is wearing ao dai, traditional costume of Vietnam


It is called "Monkey-bridge" in Vietnamese. It's now easy for you to pass it and even you may fall down into the river if you're careless. The bridges like this are very popular in the countrysides of Vietnam.


Vietnam is the second largest rice exporter in the world.


Don't forget to listen to the interesting sound from "dan nguyet" - a kind of Vietnamese instrument.


In Vietnam, it can't be called Tet without Lion Dance. Not only children but also adults love it so much.


Vietnam has many beautiful beaches for you to spend your vacation here.


"Xin chao" (Hello in Vietnamese). We're standing next to lovely Vietnamese ladies. They look perfect in ao dai, traditional dress of Vietnam.


We together have good time on Tet occasion. Thanks for joining us.


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