Xin chào – Who am I?

Xin chào (Hello). I’m Dang Nguyen. This page was set up to introduce to you more about my lovely Vietnam as well as the other attractive places all over the world. I want you to know there are many magical places on our Earth and your country is one of them..

Thanks for your visiting and see you again.

Come and feel.

Xin chào!

Vietnam is my homeland.

Your support is my motivation.


7 comments on “Xin chào – Who am I?

  1. I was introduced to your blog by Terri from CA, I’m from OH. The beauty of your country is astounding. I remember being your age and it was not so. The vietnam war was winding down. I’m so glad that the natural beauty and that the people have put so much into it to make it paradise once more. What love, what progress!

    • Thank you so much. I know that War was a terrible thing to Vietnam in the past. But now, Vietnam is developing day by day. It’s different from it used to be. Hope you’ll a nice trip to Vietnam. Come and feel.

  2. hi there, i see you have a picture of the Mawlamyine Buddha on your post, is that your photo or did u get it from some site? if so i appreciate it if you give it its due credit to the actual photographer who took the photographs and ask for permission to re-post on your site!! please see my Mawlamyine photo page to see my original photo which is identical to the one you posted –

  3. hey by deleting my comment / question here is not going to help change the fact that you are re-posting other people photography without permission or give them due credits!

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