Traditional campfire at my school

Welcome you to my school.

Come and join our traditional campfire.

Let fire light our soul tonight


Let fire inside each of us burn forever


First, let's enjoy the traditional performance of host nation Vietnam


These beautiful girls are in traditional dress of Japan, Kimono.


Boys in skirts - It just can be Scotland


Egypt with mysterious stories.


Refresh ourselves with hot hula dance from Hawaii


These girls are from the land of bull fights. They will burn you by flamenco dance tonight.


We had an unforgetable night together. Remember never let our fire stop burning.




Tet 2012 – Nguyen Hue Flowery Street

We're enjoying Tet Holiday on Nguyen Hue Flowery Street


Behind us is the statue of Ho Chi Minh President


Vietnam always welcomes all of you. This western uncle is wearing ao dai, traditional costume of Vietnam


It is called "Monkey-bridge" in Vietnamese. It's now easy for you to pass it and even you may fall down into the river if you're careless. The bridges like this are very popular in the countrysides of Vietnam.


Vietnam is the second largest rice exporter in the world.


Don't forget to listen to the interesting sound from "dan nguyet" - a kind of Vietnamese instrument.


In Vietnam, it can't be called Tet without Lion Dance. Not only children but also adults love it so much.


Vietnam has many beautiful beaches for you to spend your vacation here.


"Xin chao" (Hello in Vietnamese). We're standing next to lovely Vietnamese ladies. They look perfect in ao dai, traditional dress of Vietnam.


We together have good time on Tet occasion. Thanks for joining us.

Tropical snow in Sapa

The weather is getting colder in the last days of the year. The snow also starts falling even in the tropical regions. Sapa is one place like this. It’s the only place in Vietnam where you may see snow in the winter.

Do you believe my story? Have you ever heard about tropical snow?

The terraces are covered with's hard to believe but it's real.

This is Sapa Church - it looks like a big snow-flower.

The temperature here can reach minus degrees and you see ice appear on the trees.


It makes this structure more wonderful than ever.

Even the electrical pillars are covered with ice.

I’m so cold now. I’ve never thought about feeling cold in such tropical land. So interesting. ^^

Củ Chi Tunnel – Vietnam

Củ Chi is about 70km from Hồ Chí Minh City center. It’s an underground wonder. The people of Củ Chi spent over 20 years building it. Just need to come into it, you will know why our tiny Vietnam could defeat  a stronge and rich nation like USA in the war. I don’t waste your time anymore. Are you ready to take an adventurous trip?

Model of the tunnel. You should know that the total length of it is about 200km. What an incredible number!

A kind of trap in tunnel. Dangerous!

Inside the tunnel. Make sure that your size is fit it because it's quite narrow.

Ahhhh. Is he a ghost from the ground? Haha. No, he's already exited the tunnel.

How do you feel now? Scared or interested? Don’t forget to share your feeling with me. See you next time.