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Fireworks Show

Everyone likes watching fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Now, I bring you the most impressive fireworks performances all around the world. Wish you all a new year full of happiness, health, successes,…and LOVE.



The coldest, highest, lonliest continent may be the things you think of when talking about Antarctic. Is it true? Let’s go there and find out the answer.

98% of Antarctica is covered by ice

It is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent. The temperature here has reached −89°C (−129°F).

Is it lonely? I don't think so. Look, we meet a penguin family. They seems very happy together.

This is mother seal and her child.

Here's our huge friend - whale. He's dancing skillfully.

How do you feel now? Cold or warm? Lonely or happy?

I believe you all have different feelings but there’s one thing I’m sure of  is all of you love it so much.

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The Provisional New 7 Wonders of Nature

Amazon - The largest tropical rainforest on the Earth.

Halong Bay - This wonder was twice recognised as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Iguazu Falls - One of the world's largest falls

Jeju Island - The first landscape receives the UNESCO Triple Crowns in Nature and Science. It's also the biggest volcanic island in Korea

Komodo National Park - This one was founded to protect Komodo Dragon, which is a kind of ancient animal and just found in Indonesia.

Puerto Princesa Underground - It's reputed to be the world's largest underground river.

Table Mountain - It's a South African icon.


Seagames Mascots

Kikong Labuyo - The Philippines - 1991

Singa - Singapore - 1993

Sawasdee - Thailand - 1995

Hanoman - Indonesia - 1997

awang budiman - Brunei - 1999

Si Tumas - Malaysia - 2001

Trau Vang - Vietnam - 2003

Gilas - The Philippines - 2005

Can - Thailand - 2007

Champa & Champi - Laos - 2009

Modo & Modi - Indonesia - 2011