Five brothers on a tank (Năm anh em trên một chiếc xe tăng)

This is an famous Vietnamese Military song: “5 brothers on 1 tank”


5 brothers on a tank are just like 5 flowers blooming from a same raceme,

like 5 fingers on a same hand and in battles all of 5  are just one person.

We joined the tank army on different dates and each of us has his own lifestyle.

But when we sing, we harmonize in one same beat and every time one’s sick, the rest forget their hunger.

5 brothers have 5 homelands, but when we’re on the tank, there is only 1 direction.

Start up the tank, together we forward. In front of the enemies, there is only 1 thing on our mind: Attack!

We 5 brothers have 5 different names, but when we’re on the tank, there is none.

On the turret, there is a star with fire color. 5 hearts share 1 bustling beat.

A road with vermillion-red earth

A jungle with an interminably hopeful shade of green

A will that soars over the gun barrel

A faith of a definite victory in this battle!


Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969)

Ho Chi Minh – Miss forever a person.

Hồ Chí Minh – Nhớ mãi một con người.