Củ Chi Tunnel – Vietnam

Củ Chi is about 70km from Hồ Chí Minh City center. It’s an underground wonder. The people of Củ Chi spent over 20 years building it. Just need to come into it, you will know why our tiny Vietnam could defeat  a stronge and rich nation like USA in the war. I don’t waste your time anymore. Are you ready to take an adventurous trip?

Model of the tunnel. You should know that the total length of it is about 200km. What an incredible number!

A kind of trap in tunnel. Dangerous!

Inside the tunnel. Make sure that your size is fit it because it's quite narrow.

Ahhhh. Is he a ghost from the ground? Haha. No, he's already exited the tunnel.

How do you feel now? Scared or interested? Don’t forget to share your feeling with me. See you next time.